Thursday, October 15, 2009

Motor Planning

If you watch Haiden run around, play soccer, play golf, or jump off furniture you would never know how much work it is for him. Haiden struggles with motor planning everyday. We take for granted how easy it is to brush our teeth, tie our shoes, button our shirts, take a shower, write our name, and eat with utensils. For Haiden, theses tasks take a lot of concentration and effort. The more independent he becomes the more I notice the little struggles. It can be very frustrating when our 2 year old is able to wash and dry herself but our 5 year old can't. So my energy is now focused on helping Haiden improve in this area. I've read that some supplements like good fats can really help. Are there any other parents struggling with this as well? I would love your feedback!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Welcome Baby Levi

Brian's sister, Katie, had her little boy! Levi Leonard Edwards was born on September 29th. We went to Tell City for Wes and Marissa Davis's wedding reception and got to spend time with Katie and Levi.
Little Princess got caught trying to eat playdoh. She has been gluten and casein free for about 2 weeks. Playdoh has wheat in it so kids who crave gluten sometimes try to eat playdoh. Plus she is a typical 2 year old exploring her world. She fell down our entire flight of stairs this week. We had to take a trip to the doctor and then a CAT scan. Everything turned out okay, just a bloody nose, swollen lip, and terrified mom. I put the gate back up on the stairs and I find myself being even more protective of her. She is doing so well. She repeats almost everything we say and her spontaneous speech has just exploded. We can finally understand her! She is still a hand full but she has the best personality. This week we started our Fall Theme using Hubbards Cuppard curriculum. I love being able to still teach and stay at home with my kids.

The weather has been rainy and dreary this past week so after Haiden got home from school I made a fort in the dining room. Haiden and Ella thought it was pretty cool. Haiden put almost all the toys from the playroom into his fort, he then realized he was going to have to put them all back.
At Haiden's soccer game last week a little girl in his general education Kindergarten class saw him. She came running up to him and he did so well talking with her. She then grabbed his hand and started warming up with him. It was so cute! Haiden continues to do amazingly well. We went to his Open House this past week and I am so proud of him. He is doing 1st and 2nd grade work!

Our little Mason man! As you can see in this picture he drools nonstop. He has also found his thumb, continues to "talk", and has almost rolled over on several occasions. We are going to start introducing purees soon. He just turned 4 months but is already in 9 month clothes.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Groceries, Groceries, Groceries!

A few months ago Brian and I sat down to look at our monthly expenses. We were both blown away when we realized how much money we spend on groceries a month. We decided we could save a ton of money if we cut back, well then we realized a few things.
1. We have two kids in diapers.
2. We have two kids on a GF/CF/EF/SF (Gluten free/casein free/egg free/soy free) diet which is expensive.
3. We only buy meat from a local organic butcher shop.
4. We have a dog who requires special dog food.
Each month we shop at not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, but 6 grocery stores. Yes, you heard it, SIX! Why, you may ask. Let me break it down for you.
Wal-Mart we get Brian's milk since the rest of us don't drink milk, bread for Brian and I that we have to hide from Ella since she freaks out when she sees it, eggs for me since no one eats them, cheese for Brian and I that we also have to hide from Ella, and some produce.
Marsh is the store we get most of our produce from and our Dietz and Watson lunch meat. (Dietz and Watson products are organic, free of nitrates, and free of MSG.)
Moody Meats is the local butcher shot that has an organic farm. We get all our meat from them.
Costco is where we go to buy some bulk items like diapers, toilet paper, paper towels, organic peanut butter (we buy this in bulk since I'm a peanut butter addict), and organic corn chips (we buy this in bulk since Haiden is a corn chip addict).
Whole Foods is a store we couldn't live without. They have things you can't find at most grocery stores. For example they have the kids GF/CF/EF/SF pretzels, cookies, and noodles. They also have aspartame free chewing gum, nitrate free organic hot dogs, rice cheese (yes, sounds disgusting but the kids love it), tapioca bread, and Hero Nutritional vitamins.
Georgetown Market is a lot like Whole Foods and I love this store just as much. They have yogurt made out of coconut milk, organic ketchup, potato flour, brown rice tortillas, and a better kind of toothpaste that doesn't have a warning about swallowing on the label.
So when it comes down to it, we really aren't able to save as much as we would like. I started clipping coupons and price comparing which has helped a bit. In the long run though my family is healthier for it!