Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rookie Run

While waiting at the start line, Haiden broke out the moves as the song "I Like To Move It' blared over the loud speaker. A few years ago he would of had his hands over his ears.
Look how far ahead my little man is! Go Haiden Go! Yes, I was that parent...yelling and cheering.
He even had enough energy to wave at me! Go Buddy! Keep it up! Yay!!!
After his race wearing his medal proudly!

My little man always amazes me! Before autism recovery he would of never been able to go downtown, leave his mommy, and compete in a race. Now after autism recovery, he went downtown, left his mommy, and competed in his first race.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Garden, Smoothies, and Products

Now that my kidos have all natural, organic body care products, it is time for me! Here is my Tom's deodorant that is aluminum free and Burt Bees Toothpaste.

Mason's all natural toothpaste.
Our Shampoo and Conditioner that is sulfate free.
An awesome find at Whole Foods! Here is some superfood goodness that I now put into our smoothies.
I love our garden and watching it grow! Here is some green peppers and tomatoes that my hubby planted.
Our broccoli is growing!
Look at that cabbage!!

A super, good for you lunch! Kale sauteed in olive oil, lemon juice, and sea salt topped with grilled chicken, tomato, and craisins.
Mason in his new sling trying to get my smoothie. He loves smoothies!
Kale, banana, strawberry, blueberry, rice milk, Amazing Grass Green Superfood smoothie.
I love this sling! I can put my little man on my back while I cook!
Getting ready to make a superfood smoothie!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Yesterday Haiden wanted to ask our neighbors, Cassidy (7 years old) and Tate (5 years old), to come over and play. He usually just walks across the street, knocks on the door, and ask if they can play. Since they have been playing together every single day this week I thought I would call their mom, Chelsea, first. When Chelsea asked the kids if they wanted to play I could hear "Yay! I do, I do!" with a ton of excitement in their voices. I had to hold back the tears. Just a few years ago one of my biggest fears was that Haiden would not be able to form meaningful relationships. Not only does he want these relationships, he can do it! They played together and we had Tate stay with us for dinner while his sister had a hair appointment. Now, one of my biggest fears is gone and Haiden has two really good friends!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Diet Whoas

Wow! It has been way to long since I've posted. We have been super busy, as always, around here.
I previously mentioned that Haiden was able to take digestive enzymes then eat whatever he wanted with no side effects. Well, I was wrong. We started to notice his eczema coming back and his attention span becoming shorter. Of course, I panicked and started analyzing everything he has eaten. Even though the digestive enzymes help some, I don't think it is our "cure". What can I say, we tried.
P.S. Vaccines, I still greatly dislike you!
On a side note, I ran my first half marathon this weekend and am hoping to be walking normal soon!

Here are my precious blessings! I thank the good Lord everyday for my three amazing children.