Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Diet Whoas

Wow! It has been way to long since I've posted. We have been super busy, as always, around here.
I previously mentioned that Haiden was able to take digestive enzymes then eat whatever he wanted with no side effects. Well, I was wrong. We started to notice his eczema coming back and his attention span becoming shorter. Of course, I panicked and started analyzing everything he has eaten. Even though the digestive enzymes help some, I don't think it is our "cure". What can I say, we tried.
P.S. Vaccines, I still greatly dislike you!
On a side note, I ran my first half marathon this weekend and am hoping to be walking normal soon!

Here are my precious blessings! I thank the good Lord everyday for my three amazing children.


  1. Love this pic and seriously in love with Ella's face here!

  2. What a great picture of your kids, and congrats on the mini!