Sunday, April 25, 2010

From Now On

From now on my blog will be about day to day life with our 3 amazing children. I truly believe Haiden is recovered because we are managing his PDD-NOS with diet, supplements, and an overall healthier lifestyle.
Speaking of diet, I will also continue to post any new recipes we find or come up with. We have been eating a lot of the same thing lately so it is about time for some new recipes :).

Haiden has been doing EXTREMELY well at school and we are counting down the days to the end of his Kindergarten year. He has started his 3rd soccer season and makes us proud every game. He works hard and has a great attitude. Below is a picture of him after scoring his first goal of the season.

Our little princess, Ella, continues to be just that...a princess. It seems that in the past 6 months she has all of a sudden grown up into a little girl. She is still very strong willed and stubborn but makes us laugh everyday. She loves helping me out around the house and playing with her babies. She reminds me so much of me. I know, we are in trouble :).

Our little Mason man is also growing up way too fast! He is pulling himself to stand up and getting into everything. He sure does know how to get his way too.

I have been receiving several emails and messages from other moms who are recovering their child from autism or have just started this journey. I enjoy hearing from parents who feel inspired by Haiden's story because that has been my hope for this blog. So Thank You biomedical parents for sharing your stories! A better life is possible!


  1. yay for the smallest members of the Mckinny clan!

  2. Abby,

    Can you contact me either through email or FB. My email is or FB Jennifer Chew Lewis.

    I am so inspired by your blog. I also have a Hayden. He is 4 and dx last year with PDD-NOS. We go see Dr. Hulsman on May 17 and wanted to ask you some questions.

    Thanks so much,

    Jennifer Lewis