Sunday, September 27, 2009

Investigate Before You Vaccinate!

Many of you who have read my blog from the beginning know that Haiden was injured from so many vaccines in such a short period of time. I truly believe that all of his sicknesses, developmental delays, and autism diagnoses was a result of all the toxins and poisons in vaccines. He received the flu shot when he was 2 years old and that is when he truly slipped out of our world and into his own. After that shot we lost our baby to autism. It is scary to think what would of happened to Ella if we continued her vaccines. She only had her first 4 month vaccines. We only allowed one shot at a time and they were spread out within a 6 month time period. Ella was constantly sick as well, stopped breathing on two occasions, and delayed developmentally. Once we stopped her vaccines, her health improved and so did her development. After a ton of research and making the connection between my children's "issues" and vaccines, we decided not to vaccinate Mason. He is our only baby that has been healthy and so far is hitting every developmental milestone.
With all of the H1N1 hesteria in the media it scares me so much to think about all of the children who could possibly be damaged by the H1N1 vaccine and flu shots. Haiden's school sent home emails, letters, and consent forms because our county health department will be offereing free flu shots at school! OUTRAGEOUS!!! The FDA released the vaccine inserts last week for the H1N1 vaccines. The vaccine contains 24-25 mcg (micrograms) of Thimerosal, a mercury derivative. The EPA says that the safety limit for mercury is .1 mcg per kg of weight per day, which means this vaccine is safe if you weigh 550 lbs! The Thimerosal free nasal spray, which is only offered to people over 5 years of age, warns that one of the side effects is...the flu.

Life Is Good!

My little Mason man! He is such a joy! We are truly blessed to have such a happy and healthy baby.
Something I thought I'd never see Haiden enjoy doing! Recently Haiden has been wanting to draw and color, I was shocked. He never wanted to color and hated drawing before Kindergarten. I received an email from Haiden's teacher this week stating he will be in the general ed. Kindergarten class all day by the end of the nine weeks! We are so proud of Haiden and ecstatic with his progress. He has been doing 1st and 2nd grade Math, reading at a very rapid pace, and utilizing problem solving skills in social situations. He is such an amazing little boy!

Ella turned two on Saturday and I can't believe it! Of course she was the life of her party and had us laughing the entire time. In the picture she was getting ready to blow out her candle, she thought that was so neat.

We have been working on potty training this past week. Ella went on the big girl potty several times although the last two times she cried. I don't think she is quit ready so we are taking it slow.

Monday, September 21, 2009

My AMAZING Husband

On Fridays, I usually try to go to the store during the day but this past Friday I took Mason and Ella to the zoo instead. Brian offered to go to the store Friday evening and I gratefully accepted. When he got back he had a new toaster, monster size bag of chocolate chips, the sweetest card ever, and a gift card so I can buy some new clothes! Our toaster has been struggling the past couple of weeks and I wanted a new one so bad and I love to melt chocolate chips with peanut butter. (I know, it is my weakness!) Almost everyday I wear sweats because I don't have many clothes that fit. And after a long week and busy week Brian made me feel so appreciated for everything I try to do! He is such an amazing guy!

Best Week Yet

Haiden and Ella were digging for fossils at the museum.
Haiden wanted to get his picture with Rex!

Ella thought she was pretty cool in the race car at the museum.

Mason's first time at the Children's Museum!
All the kids in bed with us Saturday morning. Haiden was pretending to sleep.
Ella on the way home from the zoo. She fell asleep with food in her mouth.

Ella at the zoo! She was a little timid of the sharks.
On Friday I took Mason and Ella to the zoo with our friends, the Tuttle's. Chad and Michelle Tuttle have a daughter that is Haiden's age and a daughter that is Ella's age. Chad and Brian coach soccer together. We feel very blessed that our lives have crossed paths. We always have such a good time with them.

Haiden and Ella love eating popcorn on the floor after bath time.

Haiden had his best week yet at school! He did great in the general education Kindergarten class, had no problems with the boys on the playground, and used his words instead of tears! I think he is holding it together all day at school and falling apart at home. I guess using the term "falling apart" is a little drastic but we have noticed some regression at home. I continue to worry about his memory, receptive language, and attention skills but they have seemed to be declining even more the past week. I emailed his teacher to see if he is getting any foods or candy that he shouldn't and I stopped the B12 shots. I have also stopped his Nystatin (antifungal), B6, and magnesium. I just want to step back and evaluate what could be going on.

Ella continues to be a little diva! She is doing well with her speech and said "up" instead of "pu" for the first time. She also counted to 3 this week and sang her ABC's but you can't understand the letters :). Everyday she tests me to see if I'm going to be consistent. I've never struggled so much to be consistent before but I keep telling myself, "better to do it now."

Little Mason, oh he melts my heart! He wakes up every morning smiling and happy. He is starting to roll his body side to side and loves to coo!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Update on the Kidos!

On Sunday, I took Haiden to the circus at Conseco Fieldhouse. After it was over I asked him what he favorite thing about the circus was. He said, "The fire on the TV!" Wow, I could of saved a lot of money :).
While my mom was up Brian and I were able to go out and celebrate our anniversary downtown.

Haiden scored two goals in his soccer game! Go Blue Thunder!

He is trying to sit up!

My mom came up over the weekend. I always enjoy her visits!

I found Haiden jumping from the stairs onto the couch!

Ella laid down next to Mason and he got hold of her hair.

I make Homemade Zucchini Chicken Nuggets that the kids love. It's a way to sneak in some veggies!

Haiden continues to do well in Kindergarten. He has some difficulty with peers on recess but this has improved. Haiden is a very sensitive child and doesn't always stick up for himself. He was put in time out last week for pushing another boy on the playground. It is sad to say but I was glad he pushed back. Other kids notice "weaker" kids and tend to target them. I think Haiden has become a target for some other boys. The teachers are now aware and keeping an extra eye on these other boys. They are also helping Haiden "use his words" instead of tears to deal with these other students. In the classroom Haiden is doing great! Mrs. Deatline, the general ed. kindergarten teacher, emailed me and said she really enjoys having Haiden in her class. He comes home singing new songs and showing us things he has learned. We started B12 shots last week so we hope to notice improvements in expressive and receptive language skills. If these skills improve then his social skills should also improve. Just talking to Haiden he seems like a "normal" 5 year old but he starts to have difficulty when he has to problem solve situations verbally. He continues to be a very loving, funny, and sweet boy!
Little Miss Ella. Oh, where do I start? She continues to make improvement with her speech but has a long way to go. She is so smart and knows exactly what she is saying but we don't always understand. I cannot imagine how frustrating this has to be. Ella has such a strong personality. Everyday she makes me laugh and almost everyday she is sent to time out. She is such a fun, outgoing, hilarious, strong willed, stubborn, caring, and loving little girl!
Mason seems to get bigger everyday. He "talks" and smiles at me all the time! He is so amazingly healthy and such a joy to have. He is now sleeping 9 hours at night! Mason also likes to be held so I don't get much done around the house. (I'm holding his as I type.) I think this is God's way of telling me to enjoy it since we will not be having any more children.

Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm So Lucky!

This past week Brian and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. Well we weren't really able to celebrate because Brian had to work but my mom is coming up this weekend so we can go out and celebrate. I am so lucky to have such an amazing husband. I know I've said that before but words cannot explain how I feel. Brian is such a wonderful husband and Daddy! He is always helping me out with things around the house and the kids. Even after a long day of work he comes home and starts doing things to help out. He usually, okay almost always, cooks dinner. (He is a really good cook. When I cook something the kids look at it like, "What in the world is this?") I am so proud of Brian and how hard he works to provide for our family. He has always known that I wanted to stay at home with the kids and he did everything he could to make that happen. I feel so blessed because my life is perfect!

Haiden going into Gen. Ed. Kindergarten class! YEAH!

We had yet another fun, eventful week! I met some new moms at Ella's library class and it was nice to talk to other moms with toddlers. Tomorrow is her last library class until October and I am going to miss it. Ella continues to grow in her speech development. She is saying words more clearer and saying a lot of new words.
Haiden had a wonderful week at school. I had a meeting with his teacher, a Kindergarten teacher, and the principal this week. On Wednesday Haiden will start going to the General Education Kindergarten class in the afternoons! I am so excited for him! His gen. ed. teacher, Mrs. Deatline, seems great and I'm so proud of how far Haiden has come. He is making such amazing progress! Mrs. West, special ed. teacher, thinks Haiden will be in the Gen. Ed. Kindergarten class all day by the end of the nine week grading period! Such good news!
We had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. We had some friends over for a cookout and had such a nice time!

Haiden wanted to hold Mason and Ella wanted to be in the picture too. I thought this was too cute!

Our theme for this week was cats, the number 3, and the letter C. Don't you love Ella's painting? It was a complete mess but she had so much fun.

Ella getting a manicure and pedicure from Mommy. She loves it!

My handsome little man is getting so big!

This is a homemade slaw that was so good. I shredded cabbage and carrots, topped it with honey roasted walnuts, olive oil, and red wine vinegar.

A healthy, wonderful, and delicious salad that I wanted to share. The ingredients are spinach, strawberries, blueberries, oranges, and walnuts. For the dressing I use olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Yummy!