Monday, September 21, 2009

Best Week Yet

Haiden and Ella were digging for fossils at the museum.
Haiden wanted to get his picture with Rex!

Ella thought she was pretty cool in the race car at the museum.

Mason's first time at the Children's Museum!
All the kids in bed with us Saturday morning. Haiden was pretending to sleep.
Ella on the way home from the zoo. She fell asleep with food in her mouth.

Ella at the zoo! She was a little timid of the sharks.
On Friday I took Mason and Ella to the zoo with our friends, the Tuttle's. Chad and Michelle Tuttle have a daughter that is Haiden's age and a daughter that is Ella's age. Chad and Brian coach soccer together. We feel very blessed that our lives have crossed paths. We always have such a good time with them.

Haiden and Ella love eating popcorn on the floor after bath time.

Haiden had his best week yet at school! He did great in the general education Kindergarten class, had no problems with the boys on the playground, and used his words instead of tears! I think he is holding it together all day at school and falling apart at home. I guess using the term "falling apart" is a little drastic but we have noticed some regression at home. I continue to worry about his memory, receptive language, and attention skills but they have seemed to be declining even more the past week. I emailed his teacher to see if he is getting any foods or candy that he shouldn't and I stopped the B12 shots. I have also stopped his Nystatin (antifungal), B6, and magnesium. I just want to step back and evaluate what could be going on.

Ella continues to be a little diva! She is doing well with her speech and said "up" instead of "pu" for the first time. She also counted to 3 this week and sang her ABC's but you can't understand the letters :). Everyday she tests me to see if I'm going to be consistent. I've never struggled so much to be consistent before but I keep telling myself, "better to do it now."

Little Mason, oh he melts my heart! He wakes up every morning smiling and happy. He is starting to roll his body side to side and loves to coo!

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