Sunday, September 27, 2009

Life Is Good!

My little Mason man! He is such a joy! We are truly blessed to have such a happy and healthy baby.
Something I thought I'd never see Haiden enjoy doing! Recently Haiden has been wanting to draw and color, I was shocked. He never wanted to color and hated drawing before Kindergarten. I received an email from Haiden's teacher this week stating he will be in the general ed. Kindergarten class all day by the end of the nine weeks! We are so proud of Haiden and ecstatic with his progress. He has been doing 1st and 2nd grade Math, reading at a very rapid pace, and utilizing problem solving skills in social situations. He is such an amazing little boy!

Ella turned two on Saturday and I can't believe it! Of course she was the life of her party and had us laughing the entire time. In the picture she was getting ready to blow out her candle, she thought that was so neat.

We have been working on potty training this past week. Ella went on the big girl potty several times although the last two times she cried. I don't think she is quit ready so we are taking it slow.

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