Monday, September 14, 2009

Update on the Kidos!

On Sunday, I took Haiden to the circus at Conseco Fieldhouse. After it was over I asked him what he favorite thing about the circus was. He said, "The fire on the TV!" Wow, I could of saved a lot of money :).
While my mom was up Brian and I were able to go out and celebrate our anniversary downtown.

Haiden scored two goals in his soccer game! Go Blue Thunder!

He is trying to sit up!

My mom came up over the weekend. I always enjoy her visits!

I found Haiden jumping from the stairs onto the couch!

Ella laid down next to Mason and he got hold of her hair.

I make Homemade Zucchini Chicken Nuggets that the kids love. It's a way to sneak in some veggies!

Haiden continues to do well in Kindergarten. He has some difficulty with peers on recess but this has improved. Haiden is a very sensitive child and doesn't always stick up for himself. He was put in time out last week for pushing another boy on the playground. It is sad to say but I was glad he pushed back. Other kids notice "weaker" kids and tend to target them. I think Haiden has become a target for some other boys. The teachers are now aware and keeping an extra eye on these other boys. They are also helping Haiden "use his words" instead of tears to deal with these other students. In the classroom Haiden is doing great! Mrs. Deatline, the general ed. kindergarten teacher, emailed me and said she really enjoys having Haiden in her class. He comes home singing new songs and showing us things he has learned. We started B12 shots last week so we hope to notice improvements in expressive and receptive language skills. If these skills improve then his social skills should also improve. Just talking to Haiden he seems like a "normal" 5 year old but he starts to have difficulty when he has to problem solve situations verbally. He continues to be a very loving, funny, and sweet boy!
Little Miss Ella. Oh, where do I start? She continues to make improvement with her speech but has a long way to go. She is so smart and knows exactly what she is saying but we don't always understand. I cannot imagine how frustrating this has to be. Ella has such a strong personality. Everyday she makes me laugh and almost everyday she is sent to time out. She is such a fun, outgoing, hilarious, strong willed, stubborn, caring, and loving little girl!
Mason seems to get bigger everyday. He "talks" and smiles at me all the time! He is so amazingly healthy and such a joy to have. He is now sleeping 9 hours at night! Mason also likes to be held so I don't get much done around the house. (I'm holding his as I type.) I think this is God's way of telling me to enjoy it since we will not be having any more children.

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  1. Your kiddos are adorable. I have a Hayden, too. :) Hope the B12 shots work well for you. I will add your blog to my blog list, if that's ok. I'd love for you to do the same. :) Check mine out when you get a chance. :)