Thursday, May 13, 2010


Yesterday Haiden wanted to ask our neighbors, Cassidy (7 years old) and Tate (5 years old), to come over and play. He usually just walks across the street, knocks on the door, and ask if they can play. Since they have been playing together every single day this week I thought I would call their mom, Chelsea, first. When Chelsea asked the kids if they wanted to play I could hear "Yay! I do, I do!" with a ton of excitement in their voices. I had to hold back the tears. Just a few years ago one of my biggest fears was that Haiden would not be able to form meaningful relationships. Not only does he want these relationships, he can do it! They played together and we had Tate stay with us for dinner while his sister had a hair appointment. Now, one of my biggest fears is gone and Haiden has two really good friends!

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