Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rookie Run

While waiting at the start line, Haiden broke out the moves as the song "I Like To Move It' blared over the loud speaker. A few years ago he would of had his hands over his ears.
Look how far ahead my little man is! Go Haiden Go! Yes, I was that parent...yelling and cheering.
He even had enough energy to wave at me! Go Buddy! Keep it up! Yay!!!
After his race wearing his medal proudly!

My little man always amazes me! Before autism recovery he would of never been able to go downtown, leave his mommy, and compete in a race. Now after autism recovery, he went downtown, left his mommy, and competed in his first race.


  1. Love love love the picture of him waving!!

  2. 向著星球長驅直進的人,反比踟躕在峽路上的人,更容易達到目的。.........................

  3. Yay! I am so glad he is doing well...he is an inspiration for usre. I hope one day that my son can play and run, and enjoy a game of basketball with mmy husband....we are on the road to recovery but it is soooo slow!