Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We've had an eventful two weeks here in the McKinney house! Now that Haiden is on summer break, we are even busier (I didn't think that could be possible.) During Ella and Mason's nap (which use to be my quiet "me" time) Haiden and I read books, do math activities, puzzles, and play games. I do take about 20 minutes during nap time and let him watch TV so I can warm up for Round 2, lol. Even though he is very independent and plays well on his own, he wants to talk to me all the time...all day long. I just remind myself that it wasn't that long ago that his main form of communication was grunting, yelling, and crying. I have to laugh sometimes...we worked so hard to get him to talk and now he won't stop :). I should say he worked so hard to talk! Another BIG event that we celebrated was Mason's 1st birthday! I can't believe my little man is already one! (Time for another one, right honey? hehe) This past year has just flown by way too fast. He now says Dada, Mama, done, and signs more. He is cruising along furniture, throwing things (not always a ball), climbing up stairs, waving bye, giving high fives, dancing, and singing (aka yelling just to hear himself yell). The past year he has had 3 illnesses (compared to Haiden and Ella's 12) consisting of a runny nose and cough. (I think two of those illnesses were from me eating cheese and him teething. He already has 8 teeth!) Oh and have I mentioned no vaccinations?! He is such a healthy boy!

No, this is not an organic, gluten free, casein free, egg free cake. About 12 hours after eating this cake he got a runny nose. Food sensitivity? Not for sure but I do not think my kids are ever going to handle cows milk, which is just fine. There are plenty of other ways to get the calcium they need.
He loved it! I wonder if he was thinking, "Why in the world do I only get to eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains? This stuff is great!"

He just melts my heart!

I can't leave out my little princess!

Ella started gymnastics and loves it. It is also a fun Mommy and Ella time. We also found out that maybe all of her emotional breakdowns are from sleep deprivation! Her tonsils touch her little hangy thing (I know, there is a medical term for it) in the back of her throat. So our doctor thinks she may have sleep apnea. It makes sense, she wakes up a lot during the night. We have an appointment the first of July with our ENT and are hoping to get some answers.

I also want to give a shout out to my husband! He got a promotion at work and I am so proud of him! We are so blessed!


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