Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tacos, IMA, and Football...already?

Taco Night! Thanks to Food for Life tortillas and Daiya cheese, we can have gluten free, casein free, egg free, soy free tacos! I like to sneak in some chopped organic spinach and black beans.
Top with organic grilled chicken and Daiya cheddar cheese.

Cook in the skillet with a bit of olive oil and voila!

The past week has been filled with play dates, trips to the library, gymnastics, drum lessons, swimming, doing puzzles (Haiden's newest obsession), coloring, reading books, turning our couch into Jump-N-Play, watching movies, playing doctor (Ella's new favorite make believe activity), going to the park, and visiting the IMA (Indianapolis Museum of Art). Whew, and I don't think that is all! I love the IMA and they now have 100 acres of outdoor art. We didn't get to see all 100 acres but here are a few pictures of what we did see. (And yes, I planned their outfits.)

Someone wasn't too thrilled with taking this picture. Can you tell who it was? (Mom, didn't I have that similar pouty face?) :)

Anytime I turn the camera on Mason gives me a HUGE smile.

Two weeks ago we signed Haiden up for football. Tonight we went to pick up his gear. This is big stuff folks. When we got there and signed in they confirmed he was in the Rookie Tackle League (up to 80lbs), then they weighed him (a whopping 48lbs), then I said a little prayer that went a little something like...Dear Lord, please don't let my baby get hurt. Then he got pants, fitted for shoulder pads, and then fitted for a helmet. We were informed that the "draft" would take place in a few weeks and our coach would notify us. Then we will start practicing the last week of July, there's no playing around here, which consists of 2 weekly practices and a weekend game. Oh what have we gotten ourselves into?! Haiden could barely carry his gear out to the car :)