Sunday, October 11, 2009

Welcome Baby Levi

Brian's sister, Katie, had her little boy! Levi Leonard Edwards was born on September 29th. We went to Tell City for Wes and Marissa Davis's wedding reception and got to spend time with Katie and Levi.
Little Princess got caught trying to eat playdoh. She has been gluten and casein free for about 2 weeks. Playdoh has wheat in it so kids who crave gluten sometimes try to eat playdoh. Plus she is a typical 2 year old exploring her world. She fell down our entire flight of stairs this week. We had to take a trip to the doctor and then a CAT scan. Everything turned out okay, just a bloody nose, swollen lip, and terrified mom. I put the gate back up on the stairs and I find myself being even more protective of her. She is doing so well. She repeats almost everything we say and her spontaneous speech has just exploded. We can finally understand her! She is still a hand full but she has the best personality. This week we started our Fall Theme using Hubbards Cuppard curriculum. I love being able to still teach and stay at home with my kids.

The weather has been rainy and dreary this past week so after Haiden got home from school I made a fort in the dining room. Haiden and Ella thought it was pretty cool. Haiden put almost all the toys from the playroom into his fort, he then realized he was going to have to put them all back.
At Haiden's soccer game last week a little girl in his general education Kindergarten class saw him. She came running up to him and he did so well talking with her. She then grabbed his hand and started warming up with him. It was so cute! Haiden continues to do amazingly well. We went to his Open House this past week and I am so proud of him. He is doing 1st and 2nd grade work!

Our little Mason man! As you can see in this picture he drools nonstop. He has also found his thumb, continues to "talk", and has almost rolled over on several occasions. We are going to start introducing purees soon. He just turned 4 months but is already in 9 month clothes.

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  1. Wow! 9 months clothing already?? Holy crap! Aubree's still in a lot of her 9 month clothes and she's getting ready to turn 16 months!!! Ha! He's a chubba bubba huh?? :) Cute pictures!