Saturday, May 21, 2011


I have received all my information and duties for the AutismOne conference in Chicago this week!  Everything is planned out, well almost everything, and I have a ton of emotions going a hundred miles per hour!  I am super excited to attend an event with thousands of other professionals, parents, grandparents, doctors, teachers, and advocates who "get it"!  I'm thrilled that I get to photograph this event and all the amazing speakers, vendors, and activities.  I can't wait to learn new information about the latest research, therapies, treatments, laws, supplements, and foods!  I want to jump up and down when I think about all the advocates, doctors, and authors who are leading this great movement of "Recovery Is Possible" and how I get to meet and photograph them!  For me this is like attending the Grammies and meeting all the artist, or attending the Academy Awards and meeting all the actors and actresses, or a huge sporting event and meeting all the athletes.  It may sound silly to you but to me these are my heroes and the people I look up to the most.  Why?  Because they fight for what they believe in!  They know that autism is not a brain disorder that can't be healed, they know that there are reasons why there has been a 400% increase in autism and they are fighting to be heard!  These are the kind of people I love.  They never give up, they fight for these kids, and they don't let anything or anyone stand in their way. 
I have never been away from my children for 5 nights and 5 days so this makes my heart sink but I know that I have an awesome opportunity in front of me.  My mom is coming up to help take care of the kids and I know they will love every minute of it.  I've told them several times that Mommy is going away for awhile but as soon as I mention "Grandma" they light up!  I'm very thankful for my husband's support because we parent so well together and I hate anytime he has to be gone overnight.
I can't wait to share my experience when I get back!

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