Monday, February 22, 2010

Juicing and Healthy Child

My fabulous hubby came home last weekend with a juicer! I was so excited as Haiden tried to carry it in to the cute. I've been wanting a juicer for awhile because there are soooo many health benefits to juicing ( I love taking the kids to Georgetown Market to get juice from their juice bar but it is pricey. So now I can make their own juice at home!

Our first juice was carrots, apples, and lemons aka "I Love Juicy".

The kids enjoying their juice!
I also wanted to share a great website I have discovered, Do you know what your furniture is made of? Do you know what your mattress is made of? Do you know what your kids toys are made of? Did you know some of these things could actually be making you sick? I strongly encourage you to visit and explore the Healthy Child website because small changes can make a huge difference!


  1. I have wanted to get a juicer for years. We use my vitamixer to make fruit smoothies, but it is not the same.

    Several years ago we got rid of all of our beds and replaced them with latex mattresses covered in organic cotton. My children have slept well ever since as have my husband and I. They were expensive, but it is an expense I have never regretted. At the same time we changed all of their bedding to organic cotton too.

    I will check out that website, thanks for posting it.

  2. Hi Betsy! My husband got our juicer at Kohls for a really reasonable price. It works great.
    Where did you get your organic covers and bedding?

  3. Its cool that it makes such a small cup of juice...or was that after everyone had their fill?

  4. No, that was the third glass I filled. I was also being very cautious :).

  5. The beds we bought are Saavy Rest. They are wonderful and worth every penny.

    I bought most of our bedding at AnnaSova. The products are very spendy, but once a year they run a major sale. I was able to buy $400 sheets for $40. I also bought organic bedding from T.J.Maxx and Target. The quality is not as good as AS, but it works.

    I got these for all the beds in lieu of traditional mattress pads. I was afraid they might make us hot in the summer, but the opposite is true. I am now in the process of buying organic wool comforters. We even bought organic pillows.

    None of this is cheap, but I do it slowly and consider it a long-term investment.

    I will have to check out the juicer next time I stop in Kohls. I would love to get my guys drinking fresh organic juice.

    Are you guys full SCD? I have been kicking around trying the diet for a long time, but have yet to do it. Is the whole family on the diet?

  6. Thank you so much Betsy for the bedding information! We were all full SCD until recently. Haiden was regressing at school. He was very fatigued, crying daily, and just not himself. I talked to our DAN doctor this week and she thinks he is having trouble with all the nuts. (We were using a lot of nut flour on SCD.) So she suggested we add back rice and remove nuts. We just started doing it this week so we will see how it goes. The diet has been the hardest thing our family has ever done. I think GFCF/egg free/soy free was a lot easier. If you do decide to do it let me know and I would love to help you out. I know it works for a bunch of kids but just isn't the right thing for Haiden.