Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kido Update

Mr. Cool! Now that Haiden is playing football he thinks he is a tough guy. While I was taking his pictures he said he couldn't smile because he had his football jersey on. :)
Other than the boat load of homework each night, 1st grade is going great! Haiden loves school and loves learning. When he gets home from school we do homework (which is a juggling act with two other little ones) and then he likes to go play in his room. I think he is just destressing from the day and likes to be left alone for awhile...don't we all. He has three neighborhood boys that he plays with almost every day. I love it! They play for hours and I think they would stay the night if we let them. Keep it up Haiden! We are incredibly proud of you!

Oh Princess Ella, how you control the mood in this house. When I picked her up from preschool this week her teacher said, "She is just the sweetest thing!" Wait a minute are we talking about the same child? :) As long as she is good in school, then I can handle her being a little terror at home. Although, I think I have FINALLY made a connection to her bi-polar like behavior. We have tried to removed all artificial coloring from the kids diet but sometimes we slip. I never thought much about it until I knowingly (I know, stupid) gave her something that was artificially colored. The next day she was a hot mess! So I told myself that I was going to make sure she didn't get anything that had artificial coloring. It seemed like last Wednesday and Thursday were rough but then she was AWESOME until yesterday (Wednesday). Well I found out that every time the kids go potty at preschool, they get a skittle! Ella's teacher told me that Ella was going to the bathroom 4-5 times in the morning and she thought it was just to get a skittle! I didn't think this would be an issue because we send in all her food but I guess I was wrong. So as she was a hot mess all morning today I blamed the skittles. :)

My little Mason man! You are wearing your momma out now that you are a climbing maniac! We can't turn our backs or he will be on top of the dining room table, climbing up the couch, throwing himself off the couch, in a drawer, in the trash, pulling dirt out of the potted plants, pulling all the toilet paper off the roll, getting all the glass tuperware out and banging it on the tile, turning the TV on and off, splashing in the dog's water, trying to eat the dog food, climbing on the brick fireplace, pulling the gate down to get up the stairs, trying to slide under the gate at the top of the stairs, climbing in the toybox, and flushing the toilet over and over.
This week he has also started walking so we are in trouble. :)

My life is filled with so much joy because of these 3 amazing children!

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  1. Zach's teachers talk about how sweet he is too, and I'm thinking, "If only you could have seen him last night." I guess our kids are good at putting up a front in public. :-)