Friday, January 14, 2011


There are so many health benefits to juicing.  Check out some of them here  Luckily Ella and Mason LOVE when I juice.  Haiden, on the other hand, is not a big fan of it.  I didn't start making juice until Haiden was six years old so he knew that there was a difference between the homemade juice and the store bought juice.  Do you really believe that the store bought juice is "100% fruit juice"?  I sure hope not!  If so, you need to educate yourself a lot about the food you are putting in front of your children!
 My little Mason likes to sneak a few orange slices.
 Brian bought me this juicer about a year ago at Kohl's for $100.  It is one of the lower end models but works great!
 My little princess likes to take all the seeds out of the apples before I put them through the juicer.
 Voila!  Here is a carrot, apple, and orange juice!  We call it "I Love Juicy"!

 Mason taking down his second cup.
 The only bad thing about making homemade juice is that is stains the cups a little bit but to me a little stain is totally worth it!

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