Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brain Balance and Yoga

I've mentioned in previous post that we feel Haiden is in a really good place.  He seems like a typical child with some quirks that only we notice.  Now that we are comfortable with Haiden's progress we have been focusing on Ella and her emotional needs.  She is pretty unpredictable and can make or break just about anything we are doing.  So we have started her on the Brain Balance Program and I have very high hopes!  We went last Friday for an evaluation and the findings were very interesting.  For example, she could track objects with her right eye but not her left.  Instead of trying to explain it all to you I'm attaching two links if you are interested.  I would also recommend the book that goes along with the program called Disconnected Kids. 

I also started doing Yoga with the kids.  Haiden likes to do it every once in awhile but Ella wants to do it about 5 times a day.  She loves it!  Some friends of ours got us the book Yoga Therapy for Every Special Child by Nancy Williams.  (Actually, our friend's sister is Nancy Williams...pretty cool!)

 Ella demonstrating one of her yoga moves before bedtime. :)
 Haiden demonstrating the "table" move.

Life with three kids continues to be crazy.  I'm having a hard time balancing being a mom, wife, starting a photography business, babysitting two days a week, and running.  My husband has been so supportive and I wouldn't be able to stay sane without him!


  1. So proud of my runner and Yogi! Love ya mama!

  2. Hi Kinney Family,
    I am so happy you are enjoying the book and doing yoga!
    Maybe we can meet when I visit Kim and Bruce.