Sunday, June 26, 2011

Clean Eating on Vacation

I can't believe two weeks has gone by since my last post!  We have been so busy around here.  We've enjoyed swimming with the Dunigan's every week, playing outside, going to the library, dance class for Ella, the zoo, and all the crazy activities at home.  We also spent a lot of time planning for our family vacation to Panama City. 
It is still important to us to avoid certain foods when we travel so we have to plan, plan, plan.  It was even more crucial this year because my gym, PR Fitness ( , started their Whole 30 Challenge (, the Monday of our vacation!  Basically, I can eat meat, veggies, fruit, some nuts, and seeds but that is about it...for 30 days.  I did not realize how out of balance my body was until the sugar withdrawal symptoms started! (More on that)
We always stay somewhere with a full kitchen and we found a great resort this year with a spacious condo.  Before we left we bought and made all our food for breakfast, lunch, and snacks.  We decided to eat out for dinner each night.  The kids were GREAT!  They had an awesome time!  On the other hand, this pregnant momma, was a hot mess.  I'm kind of glad I went through all the crazy symptoms while on vacation because I was on the beach or at the pool in front of a bunch of people.  I had to keep it together.  My head pounded like it has never pounded before for 3 days straight!  I felt very fatigued and was so irritable (just ask my husband, he'll tell you). :-) Going out to eat for dinner was pure torture and a true test of my willpower and strength to say "no" to some very tempting foods.  Finally on the 4th day, I had a mild headache and was starting to get some energy back.  Now on day 7, I feel like myself again.  It just goes to show what sugar and the wrong carbs can do to our bodies...crazy!  We did let the kids splurge on too much sugar and gluten but we kept them away from corn and peanuts. 
I've already gotten some remarks and comments about doing the Whole 30 Challenge.  People think that because I'm pregnant I shouldn't be so restrictive.  I think that because I'm pregnant I should be restrictive.  I remember with Haiden eating whatever the heck I wanted and my pregnancy was often an excuse.  "I'm pregnant so I'll eat the entire sleeve of Oreos!"  I ate the most processed, disgusting food with him and have a ton of regret.  With Ella, I wasn't much better.  I still consumed my sodas, loved my ice cream, and ate about a cup of peanut butter everyday!  Finally, after going through hell with Haiden and Ella's health I realized how important it was for me to take better care of myself when I am pregnant.  With Mason, I did much better.  I stuck to water and orange juice, lots of fruits and veggies, but still enjoyed a cookie every once and awhile...okay maybe everyday.  It is obvious that I have a hard time making healthy babies since they can't handle and dispose of all the chemical in vaccines and our environment.  It is my priority to make sure this baby is just as healthy as Mason was when he was born, if not more so.  I am doing everything I know to do to make sure of that.  I will continue to eat mainly organic meats, fruits, and veggies.  I will continue to only drink water.  I will continue to work out.  I will continue to take clean vitamins.  I will continue to reduce my exposure to chemicals.  I will continue to make myself the strongest I can be to have a drug free child birth.  So if that means doing the Whole 30 Challenge and eating Paleo, then I will!

Okay, I'll step down from my soapbox now and share a few picture from our summer so far. :-)

Haiden and Ella have become quite the puzzle masters.  (Granny, Haiden loves this puzzle you got him!)

Painting outside!  Why not, that why we get to pain on the concrete too!

Mason loves playing with his rice and beans.  He fills up bowls and measuring cups, mixes it all together, hides letters, and makes me "taco soup"!

Haiden also has "home school" time everyday when Ella and Mason take a nap.  He reads from a chapter book for 30 minutes, completes a speech activity each day that his awesome speech teacher from White Lick sent home, and complete two activities each day that his awesome general education teacher from White Lick sent home for the summer.  He also loves to do the Brain Quest questions which I think is great!  His motivator?  When he is finished he get to play with this best friend, our neighbor, Tate!
For Ella, I do these awesome Preschool Packs that I got from this website,  She loves it!
For Mason  and all the kids, I love this blog,  She has really helped me tune in to my crafty side with the kids and they love all the new things I show them. 

Can you hear them yelling, "Florida!"

 Haiden loved the ocean until day 3.  I saw some fish, freaked out, and scared him to death.
 Princess playing in the sand.
 Mason loved the beach!

On our way home from Florida I finished the book, The Vaccine Epidemic.  It is a must read for any parent who wants to know their rights and understand the dangers of vaccines.  I have more of that to share in future blog posts!  Until then, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

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  1. I'm so glad you guys are home safe and sound and that the "carb flu" is over :). I think what you're doing for yourself and your family is just great, Abby! Being pregnant is EXACTLY the time to eat better and be more "restrictive" as they say. You're a good mommy.