Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Mason

My how you've grown this past year!  You went from a babbling, wobbly walker to a talking runner.  You make me laugh all day and you test my consistency all day too.  You love your big sister and brother so much and try so hard to keep up with them and follow their lead.  About 5 months ago you started to show interest in using the potty but you could walk around with a poopy diaper and not ever care.  Your favorite place to be is outside.  Daddy built a huge sandbox this spring and you could sit in there forever just digging and playing with the sand toys.  You also love to pick up bugs, squish them, laugh, and throw them down.  You could also let me push you on the swing for hours.  You love to eat!  You eat more than most grown ups I know but you won't put anything green in your mouth.  Within the last 3 months your speech has exploded and it is so fun to finally hear what goes on in your little mind.  My favorite expression of yours is "Oh man!" when something doesn't go your way.  At home you are so expressive, loud, and outgoing but when you get around strangers you become shy, quiet, and keep close to mommy.  It's okay though, mommy likes that.  You also love books, coloring with markers, trains, cars, blocks, painting, and swimming.  Every night I rock you before bed and we sing "Rock A Bye Mason" and "You Are My Sunshine".  You continue to be so healthy and strong and remind me everyday that the choices I have made are the best!  You aren't going to be the baby of the family much longer since you have a new brother or sister on the way but you will always be my baby boy.  Mommy, Daddy, Ella, and Haiden love you so much Mase-man!

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