Friday, August 14, 2009

Our Little Man

Mason had his 8 week well baby visit this week. He already weighs 14 lbs. 8 oz. and is 24 1/2 inches long! He is such a healthy, happy baby. The past two weeks he has been smiling at us and started cooing recently. (He is my first one to coo.) We are also finally getting sleep. Mason has been sleeping 7 hours at night! At his well baby visit I encountered the vaccine issue with his ped. She informed me of her concerns of us not vaccinating Mason and stopping vaccinations with Ella. I informed her that Mason is my first healthy, happy baby and I am not going to jeopardize that. Many people may look down upon me for not vaccinating my children. Those people are misinformed and unaware of how corrupt our vaccine program is and how dangerous vaccines actually are. I truly believe that all of the vaccine injuries are going to catch up with the medical community. The newest data shows that 1 in 100 children are diagnosed with autism. If you included children who had autism but are recovered, the statistic is 1 in 63! I just encourage parents to become informed and I am going to continue to protect my children.

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