Sunday, August 23, 2009

What A Week!

Haiden warming up before his first soccer game of the season.
Ella looking at the cows at Trader's Point Creamery. She didn't want to get too close. I think she enjoyed the rooster more than the cows.

Cutting out squares with Play-doh. She loved it! It was her entertainment for 30 minutes.

Some of the thing we did this week from the Prepatory Curriculum! Even when I'm not working I still love to teach!

Our big man smiling. He is always smiling and "talking" to us!

We have had a very busy and exciting week. Haiden made it through his first day of Kindergarten. He doesn't like being there for "seven hours!" but he is slowly doing better with being away. On the first day of school he got upset and told his teacher "it is time for me to go home and see my mom." He loves PE and Music but doesn't really care for the "other stuff." Mrs. West, Haiden's teacher, will be going into the general ed. Kindergarten classes this week to determine what class will be best for Haiden. They will be slowly integrating him into the general education class, YEAH!!
I had a fun week at home with Ella and Mason while Haiden was at school. I am doing a Preparatory Curriculum from Letter of the Week with Ella! The theme this week was Cows. We did several activities including reading several books about cows, watching a movie about dairy farming (don't think I'll ever drink milk again), playing with toy cows, singing Old McDonald, pretending to be a cow (bet you wish you saw that one), learning what a square is and making a cow out of black and white squares, cutting squares out of play-doh, finding squares around the house, learning about the number 1, adding 1 sticker into the counting book, counting to 1, coloring a picture of the number 1, learning about the letter A, coloring a picture of the letter A, finding A's around the house, and going to Trader's Point Creamery. Mason would join in the activities, hang out, or sleep! He is such a good baby.
On Saturday we had our family pictures taken and it was almost a disaster but we made it through. Ella was freaked out by the wacky photographer, Mason kept trying to curl up in a ball, and Haiden was so excited and distracted that he kept making funny faces and wanted to touch everything! Haiden also had his first soccer game with the next age division. This division is much tougher than the spring division and Haiden was in tears because he didn't score a goal. I explained to him that it didn't matter if he scored, he just needed to have fun. He didn't buy it.

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  1. Look at you go! Once a teacher always a teacher. Glad you are enjoying being at home! We need to get together soon!