Sunday, August 30, 2009

Never A Dull Moment

Mason enjoying a nice day outside! He has been "talking" so much this week!
Ella loved the marshmallows! She was devastated when Brian and Haiden started a marshmallows fight. She was running around picking up the marshmallows and stuffing them in her mouth. I laughed so hard!

We had a great day on Sunday. We went to the library, played soccer, football, gold, roasted marshmallows, and had a marshmallows fight!

Our theme for this week was Jungle, the number 2, the color green, and the letter B. Since Haiden and Ella weren't feeling well this week we didn't get to do all of the activities.

Ella painting her elephant green.

Haiden and Ella were not feeling well so I made a pallet on the couch. My mom always did this when I was sick and I remember how much I liked it.

On Monday, I took Ella and Mason up to my school to visit my former co-workers. I had so much fun seeing everyone and miss them so much! On our way home I received a call from Haiden's school that he had a fever and needed to be picked up. Once I got there the nurse told me he had to "stay home for 24 hours especially with the H1N1 pandemic." She wanted to talk to me about the vaccine and I let her know that we didn't vaccinate. When Haiden returned back to school I had a letter in his folder requesting his immunization records. I proudly went upstairs, got Dr. Hulseman's letter, and put it in his backpack! Our poor guy was not feeling well and had a headache with a fever. He battled this on and off for two days but was able to go back to school on Wednesday. Ella also started showing signs that she wasn't feeling well. At night she couldn't sleep and she was very fussy. We thought her molars were coming in and causing her some pain but when she woke up Wednesday morning she had a ton of drainage coming out of her right ear. Our ped couldn't get her in so I took her to the minute clinic which needs to be called the hour clinic. After an hour and a half we finally made it out of there. I had all three kids with me and we only made a few scenes. The doctor could tell my nerves were wearing thin and as we left she said, "Things do get easier." On Saturday Haiden had a soccer game! We had a big talk about how he just needs to have fun and not worry about scoring. He scored 2 goals so he was excited!

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