Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Set Back

Last Friday we started Haiden on a new B-12 shot. On his previous B-12 shot he started acting, well, kind of weird. So Friday night while he was sleeping I gave him his new B-12 shot in hopes of helping his cognition and language skills. Since then Haiden has made drastic changes and they haven't been good changes. He started acting (there's not a nice way to say it) weird. At school on Monday he had his first negative note sent home since the beginning of the school year. At home he started becoming defiant and acting loony. He had dark circles under his eyes, pale skin, and bright red ears. On Monday night I still hadn't made a connection and after he went to sleep he got his second B-12 shot. Again on Tuesday he had another rough day at school and home. I started to think that there could be a connection between his B-12 shot and the change in behavior and appearance. Well today he comes home from school with another negative note. He was disrespectful, refused to do tasks, kept chewing on his shoe laces, and spinning on his head. Now if you know Haiden, you know that is not our child. He is a very respectful and compliant child. He has his quirks but chewing on things and spinning aren't his quirks. I called our DAN doctor, Mary Lou Hulseman, and they said the B-12 shots could definitely be causing the odd behavior! So I've stopped the shots and now I'm hoping to get back on track! Oh the trials and tribulations of autism recovery.

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  1. So sorry to hear Haiden has had rough past few days. You're good recognize that it was the B-12 shot so quickly! What I'm so shocked at is the fact that you wait until he falls asleep to give him a shot! How does it not wake him up?? Hopefully he has a speedy recovery to get back on track! Good luck!