Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Fun

What's been going on with the McKinney's this past month?
Haiden lost his first tooth! He was so excited too! For a sensory kid, I was shocked. He has been wiggling it around for weeks and then came up to me and asked if I would pull it. I grabbed a tissue, counted to three, and pulled. His eyes got really big and he was a little freaked out by the blood but no tears. We went on a trip to Stony Creek Farm in Noblesville. This place is great and if you are looking for a family friendly pumpkin patch with lots of activities for kids, this is it!
They had a tractor for the kids to play on,
a maze made out of straw bales,
and a giant jumping pillow that Haiden loved.
They also had a hay rides, a kid friendly haunted house, food, a pumpkin train, and zip lining!

When we carved our pumpkin I got this picture of Haiden and just loved it!

Mason helping carve his first pumpkin.
Ella helped out too. Even though she didn't like the smell and wouldn't touch the "goop" inside, she liked helping scoop it out.
So just a few years ago this would of made Haiden throw up. Now he is being a comedian.
We then took the kids trick or treating. This can be difficult because we know they are going to get a bunch of junk that they can't have, so my husband and I take care of that problem :)
I can't believe we are into our 2nd week of November already! We will be heading back home to Tell City for Thanksgiving and I can't wait to visit with family and friends.
I'm also excited to share a new green smoothie that I made and the kids even liked it!


  1. Your kids are so freaking cute I can barely stand it!! You capture all their little individual personalities so well I feel like I know them :) - Courtney (Ress...or Schank...or whatever)

  2. You'll always be Courtney Ress to me, lol. Thanks!