Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Haiden

Dear Haiden,
Wow!  I cannot believe that you are 7 years old already!  I was always told by my parents that time flies by but I never really understood what that meant until I had my own children.  You are an AMAZING boy Haiden! 
Right now you love anything sports and have an insane talent for sport statistics.  This past fall you loved watching Notre Dame football on Saturdays and Colts football on Sundays with Daddy.  You remember the score to just about every NFL football game and know most of the starters and their numbers.  You also know their win/lose record without thinking twice about it.  Now, your new passion is basketball and you love anything basketball.  For Christmas we bought a "real" basketball hoop that hangs on a door downstairs.  You spend hours shooting hoops and have gotten very good at it.  You really like watching IU basketball on TV. 
In school you are a superb student!  You always have good behavior and seem to have many friends.  In fact, several of your classmates with be at your birthday party this weekend.  You are reading chapter books already and working your way through division.  You also have a photographic memory.  There will be times that we are reading together and you will look at a paragraph, look away, and "read" that paragraph to me.  The first time you did it I was beyond shocked and asked you to do it again. 
At home you are very patient with Ella and Mason and I know it is not always easy being the oldest.  I appreciate all of your help and how good you are with your little brother and sister. 
Seven years ago I never knew how  much you would change my life.  You have made me such a better person and everyday I try to be the best mommy I can be!
I love you to infinity!

He is such a goofball! 

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