Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Haiden continued to babble like crazy but it was very difficult to understand him. He would get frustrated and just shut down, blocking us out. We also started to notice that he would get very upset when certain things got on his hands, when we transitioned to something different, or when we were in a large crowds. Haiden also liked to lay on the ground when he played, would slam into furniture, and jump off 5-6 steps onto the floor. He continued to have severe constipation (on a prescription laxative), a funky rash, and would get sick a lot. It was around this time that he became obsessed with the Dave Matthews Band. We bought him a little drum set and he loved it. He would watch the Dave DVD and drum the rhythm of each song. I thought I had a musical prodigy in the making. When we would get home each afternoon that is all he wanted to do, play the drums while watching Dave. Brian had also taught him the Notre Dame fight song and Haiden would sing it every morning on the way to preschool. As he continued to amaze us by counting everything and identifying letters everywhere we went, I started to worry more and more. I knew what autism was, I worked with students every day who were on the spectrum. I had a horrible feeling that Haiden had autism but I didn't want to believe it. Soon I would have to face reality and nothing could prepare me for the heartache I was about to experience.

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