Sunday, April 26, 2009

Making some progress

At about 20 months of age Haiden seemed to interact with us more. I started to understand that "uh" meant he was hungry and "eh" meant he was thirsty. He still said mama, bye, and bob (drink). He would communicate with me by pointing at things and I did everything for him. He loved classical music (which I thought was great) and he would line up his toys (which at the time I didn't see as unusual). He continued to battle ear infections, colds, and bowel issues. I continued to voice my concerns to his doctor and was told over and over again, "Haiden is doing fine, give him more time." After all Haiden seemed like a very happy child. I told myself I was just a worry wart even though I continued to have a gut feeling that something wasn't right. Again my motherly instinct was trying to talk to me but I hadn't learned to listen.

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