Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another Reminder

I found this poem today that I had written, with some guidance, about two years ago and it was just another reminder on how far our little guy has come.

When you walked on your tippy toes at the age of 11 months we called you Skillful.
When you playfully flapped your arms at the age of one we called you Adorable.
When you methodically lined up cars and trains at the age of 15 months we called you Eccentric.
When you memorized the alphabet, numbers and colors at the age of 18 months we called you a Genius.
When you jumped down 6 stairs at the age of two we called you Fearless.
When we told them all that you can do at the age of two they called you Autistic.
And as you keep challenging yourself to reach out to us at the age of three we choose to call you...

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