Sunday, May 31, 2009

Great Weekend

We had a great weekend! On Saturday, two neighborhood kids came over to play with Haiden. It was so good seeing him interact appropriately and knowing how to handle certain situations on his own. They played for almost two hours and would of played longer but we had to get ready for his soccer game. At his game he scored 4 goals and congradulated his teammates when they scored. He was also invited to a birthday party! He said some neat things as well. I've listed them below:
Looking up at the sky he said, "Where's God?" I explained he couldn't see him but he was up in heaven. He said, "When I die, will I go to heaven?" I told him, "Of course you will." He then said, "Well, I'm scared that I will fall." I said, "Oh you don't have to be scared, God will keep you safe." He then asked, "Will you go with me?" I replied, "Of course I will baby, of course I will." Now I need to find a book on how to explain all this to your children.
He played Putt Putt with his dad today. When he got home he said, "Guess what? I got a hole in one!" "I also got 5 birdies!" He was so proud of himself.
When he got home today from golfing he said, "Can I play with Ella?" This has been something we have seen a lot more lately. He use to rarely want anything to do with her.
We got all the baby gear down today and when Haiden got home he said to Ella, "This was yours when you were a baby." He then showed her how she played with it.
After he goes to bed I always check on him about 15 minutes later. It gives him a little piece of mind before he fall asleep knowing that mommy will be back up soon. (Usually he is asleep within 5 minutes.) Tonight when I went to check on him he said, "I really need to tell Daddy something." So I went back downstairs and told Brian that Haiden really need to talk to him. When Brian went upstairs Haiden said, "Daddy, guess what, I got 5 birdies today!" Brian told Haiden how proud of him he was and then asked him if he remembered to go potty before he went to bed. Haiden said he forgot so he went to the bathroom. While in the bathroom Haiden threw his arms up in the air and sighed. He said, "Daddy, I forgot to poop today."

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  1. Wow. Abby, that is amazing! I am so thankful we have met your family! Haiden and Ella are amazing kids and I know your new addition will be as well. We wish you an early congrats and can't wait to meet him! :)