Wednesday, May 6, 2009

After Dr. Hudson's visit, I finally started to listen to my motherly instinct. I decided that I didn't care what Haiden's label was, I was going to treat his symptoms. Dr. Hudson gave us some great strategies to use at home and Haiden continued to receive Speech and Occupational therapy. I continued to research on-line constantly. I soon found out that all the symptoms Haiden had and the labels Dr. Hudson gave him, fit the PDD-NOS label. So with this in mind, my research focused on treating Autism Spectrum Disorders. During my research I kept coming across moms who were curing their autistic children. It sounded great but I needed to learn more. I also started to learn about the dangers of too many vaccines at once. Fall of 2007 soon approached. Haiden started back in Developmental Preschool with a wonderful new teacher, Mrs. Krepps and our new addition, Ella Grace, came into this world. We didn't know it at the time but Ella would help Haiden begin his recovery.

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