Monday, May 25, 2009

Great Time

Our friend, Stacie Haak, graduated from vet school this spring. Yeah Stacie! Josh and Emily Thomas had a grad party for Stacie at their house. Josh has played football for the Colts the past several years and Haiden really looks up to him. One of Haiden's "quirks" is that he has an insane memory. This past fall he memorized the entire Colts lineup. He also remembered that Josh had been to our house before and has been wanting Josh to come over for the past 8 months. When we told him we were going to Josh's house this weekend, he was elated. So of course, Josh being the great guy he is played football with Haiden and gave him a football signed by the Colts. (I think Brian was just as excited as Haiden.) We cannot thank Emily and Josh enough for going out of their way for Haiden. He will never forget it.

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