Sunday, May 3, 2009

In February 2007, Brian and found out we were pregnant with our daughter, Ella. We were elated but nervous. Haiden also transitioned from First Steps to Developmental Preschool through the Brownsburg school district. Through the schools testing, Haiden qualified as a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. He continued to receive 5 hours of speech and occuational therapy a week plus all the therapy we were doing at home. We were starting to notice improvements in his speech and sensory issues but he continued to have echolalia speech patterns. I could ask him to spell his name, say his abc's, and count to 20 with no problem. As soon as I asked him a question like "What did you do at preschool today?" Haiden would just repeat, "What did you do at preschool today?" or he would give me the same answer everyday, "I played with Jacob." even if he did not really play with Jacob. Haiden also started to tell me how to get to familiar places. From preschool to home he would say "turn left, turn right, turn right, turn left, turn right" until we made it home. I was able to contact Dr. Hudson, the neuropsychologist, and schedule an appointment. Although it would be another month before we could get in. April of 2007 would turn into a big ray of hope!

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