Friday, May 22, 2009

A Better Lifestyle

Haiden asked me, "After all the yucky stuff is out of my belly, can I stop taking this medicine?" He was talking about his antifungal. I'm happy to say that yes, after we heal his gut, he will no longer have to take antifungals and his diet will not be as restricted." Eventually he will be able to eat eggs, rice, potatoes, corn, milk, and whole grains again. It is hard to say when that time will be. It could be next year or it could be in three years. We will always eat organic meats, fruits, and vegetables. I will never expose my kids to artifical sugars, especially aspartame, again. If you research all the risk, you will realize how harmful artifical sugars are. I will also continue to limit sugar intake altogether. (It will probably be the hardest for me since I love anything with sugar in it.)
Haiden and Ella continue to amaze us everyday. We are so blessed and look forward to welcoming Baby McKinney into the world.

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