Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Money, Money, Money

The biomedical treatment can be expensive but I don't think you can put a price tag on your child's health. I do think parents need to be aware of what is considered reasonable in the biomedical community. The first DAN doctor we saw in Carmel overcharged and after two visits we had already spent $4000. Our DAN doctor now, Dr. Hulseman, files with our insurance so it is much cheaper. In the beginning is the most expensive because all of the necessary tests have to be run. Depending on what type of treatment you are seeking, depends on how much you will end up spending. Haiden supplements cost about $80 for a 3 month supply and his antifungal cost $30 for a one month supply, which isn't too bad. We only buy our meat from a local organic farm and our fruits and veggies are organic so we pay the extra price but it is well worth it. We spend a little more on GFCF foods at Whole Foods but have learned to make a lot of things from scratch. I also switched cleaners and use a more expensive "green" cleaner. The kids and I also use a more natural toothpaste. The kids have special soap, lotion, and sunscreen that I buy from Whole Foods. We also replaced our plastic Tupperware with glass and the kids have organic bedding. Our world is full of toxins and I have such a better peace of mind knowing that I'm not exposing my children to as many toxins. I use to laugh at the parent who was so health conscious and did the whole "all organic" thing. The more I've learned about these things the more organic/natural I've become. I know I can't protect my children from everything but I will protect them from the things I have control over.

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