Friday, May 8, 2009

Huge Scare

On our way back from Gatlinburg Haiden started to complain of a headache. I thought he was tired so I told him to try to sleep. For the next two days Haiden ran a fever and complained of a headache. I was able to get him into his pediatrician and she thought he had strep and ran a strep test, it came back negative, we were sent home and told to watch him. That evening things got worse and by 2 am Haiden was screaming in pain and running a fever of 104. I took him to the ER and they feared he had meningitis. They ran some blood work and then performed a spinal tap. He was so brave! The results came back positive and Haiden was admitted into the hospital and we were put into isolation. It ended up Haiden had meningitis and encephalitis. He started stuttering really bad and was almost impossible to understand. I thought, "No! Please do not let this happen to him." He had enough he had to deal with, he didn't need more. It took Haiden about two weeks to recover but I am very thankful that he did recover fully and without any permanent damage. Haiden's sickness was a huge scare and put his autism recovery on the back burner. As soon as he recovered from the meningitis and encephalitis, we got back on track with Haiden's biomedical treatment.

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