Sunday, June 28, 2009

Haiden enjoys playing golf in the backyard. He watched the US Open last week and now pretends to be Tiger Woods.

I filled a small storage container with water, bubbles, and bowls. Ella loves filling the bowls up and dumping the water on the patio.

The past couple of days have been quite eventful. We walked to the neighborhood park and it was nice to get some exercise. I took them to the library on Friday and enrolled Haiden and Ella in the summer reading program. Each week we document the number of books we have read in a journal and take the journal to the library. The kids spin a wheel and get the prize it lands on. Haiden won a free game of bowling so I guess that means we have to take him bowling soon :). On Saturday Brian and I took the kids downtown to PBS Meet in the Park. It is a really neat event where the characters from PBS meet with the kids, there are 3 stages of entertainment, and over 40 booths with activities. The kids had a lot of fun and we then had lunch downtown. We thought it was a pretty successful outing.

As I have been home with the kids these past two weeks I find more things to worry about. Even though Haiden has made huge gains I still see some "autistic" characteristics. I'm concerned with his receptive language and think it is linked to his poor attention. I've also realized that he needs improvement with his problem solving skills. My days have been spent challenging him to pay attention and think problems out. He also has a new obsession...Wheel of Fortune. I enjoyed his obsession with drums, football, and golf but Wheel of Fortune is a little more difficult.

Ella's receptive speech is much more advanced than her expressive speech. She gets very frustrated because she can't always communicate what she wants. She has learned to use crying to get what she wants and I've had to put a stop to this. It has been a difficult week for the princess but in the long run it will be the best thing for her. I just may need to purchase some ear plugs :).

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