Sunday, July 5, 2009

We have had a busy week! On Monday my friend Stacy came over with her two kids, Lauren and Parker. Lauren and Haiden are 6 weeks apart and Parker and Ella are 6 weeks apart. On Tuesday we went to our town's Fourth of July festival. Ella got on one ride but they had to stop it because she was so scared. She just watched Haiden ride for the rest of the night and Mason slept. On Thursday my friend Tara came over with her two kids, Brady and Cole. Haiden and Brady played well together while Cole and Mason slept the entire time. We love having the Sablehaus family close by and look forward to our kids growing up together. Friday Brian and Haiden build a fire pit in our backyard and we roasted marshmellows. We also went to the library so Haiden and Ella could claim their prize for reading this week. Haiden got another coupon for a free game of bowling. On July 4th we went to our town's parade, the kids had a blast, well Mason slept the entire time. We then went to the Mitchell's house for a wonderful lunch and then had the Knight family over to celebrate July 4th! Brian and Nikki have three children, Dagan, Stokes, and Auria. Due to the weather we lit sparklers inside the garage and got smoked out!

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