Sunday, November 15, 2009

Conference and My Favorite Things

I had Haiden's parent/teacher conference and I couldn't of imagined it going any better! So I have to brag. Academically, Haiden has mastered all Kindergarten skills and is doing 1st and 2nd grade Language Arts and Math. Socially, his teacher said he has made tremendous gains. When he is in a tough situation he uses all the skills that have been taught to him. I am so proud of Haiden and so thankful for the wonderful staff at White Lick Elementary!

So my mom bought me a wonderful book called The Kid-Friendly ADHD and Autism Cookbook and I love it! The book explains why these kids can't have certain foods and what happens to their bodies when they do. It also has over 100 recipes that are coded so I know right away if it has a forbidden food in it. I made some pumpkin bread and pumpkin and chocolate chip muffins that were gluten/casein/egg/soy free. I have to say they were delicious! While I was making the bread and muffins I was looking at all the substitutes and thinking how some of these things have become my favorite ingredients. If I didn't have these substitute items then my kidos wouldn't be able to have as much "normal" food. It also helps in social situations. For example, the Sabelhauses invited us over for dinner and I wanted to bring an ice cream cake for Brian's birthday. Since Haiden and Ella can't have ice cream cake, I brought their muffins. When it was time for cake they ate their muffins with no fuss. Little things like that are so nice!
Brian was not too thrilled that I wanted him to blow out candles on his ice cream cake! Happy big 3-0 babe!
Here are the gluten/casein/egg/soy free pumpkin and chocolate chip muffins made with rice flour, potatoe flour, tapioca starch, GFCF chocolate chips, pumpkin puree, sugar, egg replacer, and rice milk

Some of my favorite substitute ingredients. Rice milk, gluten/casein free bread crumbs, egg replacer, DeBoles rice noodles, casein free rice cheese, coconut milk yogurt.

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