Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Lot of News

Well it has been way too long since I've been able to update our blog. Our internet is now working so I have so much to catch up on.
Haiden has had a wonderful two weeks. He has been doing great in school handling social situations and continues to be my little prince charming at home. He made up a song for Mason that goes to the tune Daydream Believer. He loves to sing to Mason and try to get him to smile. Soccer season is now over and Haiden is ready for the spring season to begin.
Ella continues to make improvements as well. She has been repeating everything, saying two and three word phrases, and a lot of spontaneous speech. She also continues to be a handful at home but makes me laugh everyday.
Mason has been meeting some new milestones. He can now roll over from belly to back and back to belly. He has been making new sounds and has three teeth coming in. He also found his feet this week. We started him on solids this week and he still isn't quite sure what to do with it.
The kidos have been keeping me very busy. We go to the library once a week and I've joined a moms group at our church. The moms group is amazing and I absolutely love it! It is also a good time for Ella to be around other kids her age. Brian got me a membership to the gym so after the kids are in bed I head to the gym. I have to drag myself there and I really don't look forward to it at all but once I'm there I feel so much better.
Brian has been keeping busy with work. He has been working extra long hours lately but we are so proud of him. He does a wonderful job providing for a family of 5!
I want to give a huge THANKS to my mom. She watched Ella and Mason so we could take Haiden to the IU football game and she came up for Grandparents Day at Haiden's school. Also my grandparents celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary and my grandpa celebrated his 84th birthday! I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Granny and Gramps got Mason this adorable pumpkin sleeper. He wore it to the Haunted House at the museum. We took the kids there on Halloween day when they have the friendly hours. The lights are on and all the characters hand out treats as you walk through the haunted house. The kids had so much fun!

Getting ready to go Trick or Treating! Haiden was the blue Power Ranger (He has never seen the show but he wanted the costume). Ella was a princess and Mason went as a pumpkin.

Haiden is showing off his perfect week. He earned all his magnets on his responsibility chart.

My little pumpkin at the Zoo Boo. Two weeks ago we took the kids to the Zoo Boo with our friends the Tuttles. The kids get to dress up in their costumes and the Zoo has all kinds of fun activities.
Mr. Haiden at the Zoo Boo.
She even poses! Our little princess at the Zoo Boo.

Brian and I took Haiden to the IU football game. He can probably give you a play by play of the game.

My AMAZING kids! I am so blessed!

Oh yes I did! I had to.
Granny and Gramps got Mason this exersaucer which he loves. Thank you Granny and Gramps!

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