Monday, November 23, 2009

An Eventful Week

It was another eventful week in the McKinney house with speech therapy, library class, Mom to Mom group, Family Day at Haiden's school, and the IU football game. By the way, have I mentioned how much I love my Mom to Mom group? It is so uplifting to be surrounded by christian women who share a lot of the same values and support!

We received Ella's three month progress report for speech from her speech therapist. It stated, "When I met Ella she had many vocalizations but a very limited number of meaningful verbalization's. She was using 6-8 words that were intelligible and a few other words that were unintelligible if you did not know the context. On 11/9/09 Ella was verbally saying 98-100 words spontaneously. Ella is always attentive, pleasant, and willing to participate during the sessions. She has great eye contact and uses a lot of facial expressions. Ella has made wonderful progress in expanding her vocabulary base." You don't get those kinds of results with just speech therapy!
Haiden had Family Day at his school last week and I forgot my camera! They made these cute Indian hats and sang several songs to the parents. Everything was going so well until we did the family project. For the project we had to make a turkey out of an apple, toothpicks, and marshmallows. Ella was absolutely devastated that she couldn't eat the marshmallows so she made quit the scene. Haiden did so well and I was so proud of him! Keep it up bubby, you are going to beat this!!! I just know it!
Haiden let Ella have the turkey we made. As you can see she is very proud!

Mason laying on the floor playing with his toes. This is how he always starts out.

And this is how he usually ends up! He continues to melt mommy's heart.

We took all the kids tailgating for the IU/Purdue football game! I took Ella and Mason home around game time and Brian took Haiden to the game. Thank you to our friends Steve and Stacie Haak for bringing Brian and Haiden home! A side note: Lesson #258 in parenting- not a good idea to take a 5, 2, and 5 month old tailgating. You live and learn I guess. They had a blast but Brian and I were beyond exhausted!

Tailgating before the IU/Purdue game. Rosser, Brian, Ely, and Steve.

Haiden played football for about 2 hours straight while at the tailgate! Thank you Drew for playing football with Haiden, he loved it. Our friends Tony and Sarah Pappano have a 4 year old son, Anthony, that also played football with Haiden. They had a blast!

Daddy's little boy!

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  1. Rosser in the picture? Is that his last name? I went to HS with Candace Rosser...she was one of my closest friends. Just wondering if that's her little brother. Small world!! :)