Friday, January 8, 2010

Must Read

I have joined a few Facebook groups recently that focus on vaccine injury and recovery. A lady by the name of Melissa Saunders posted this poem and it truly touched my heart. I am so glad we aren't going though this anymore but I remember the helpless, hopeless, lost feelings Haiden, Brian, and I went through. I am still very angry that he received 21 vaccines by 15 months old but I am taking that anger to try and educate other moms. I wouldn't want anyone to have to go through what Haiden has gone through. It isn't fair!
This Journey…
I read the books, I went to classes
I ate good food, and drank 8 glasses.
I took it easy, as my belly grew
I did it all…All for You!
I felt you move, I felt you kick
I forgave you when you made me sick :)
I loved you more with each passing day
I couldn't wait ‘til you were here to stay.
Well that day came, and I’ll never forget
As that’s the day my world was lit.
Your eyes so bright, your hair so fine
Couldn’t be more proud to call you Mine!
As the weeks flew by, so did the months…And before I knew it, you had turned ONE!
Up ‘til then, you progressed so well
But that all changed, and you went down hill.
My beautiful boy, as smart as can be
Regressed into Autism after your vaccines
I never questioned, I had no clue
What this needle could actually do.
Now you struggle, with everyday tasks
The simple things, you cannot ask.
It’s taken your words, the one’s you once had
And turned them to screaming, driving you mad!
At times I just lay here, and can’t help but cry
I question God, wondering why?
But the answer’s clear, so plain to see
The people I trusted, had deceived me.
They all should hang their heads in shame
Admit the truth and take the blame.
They know the danger, but turn away
And continue to injure our kids each day.
But I’ve chosen to put, my anger aside
Along with my hopes and dreams that’s died.
And focus on making more parents aware
Share our story, cuz the proof’s right there!
Although I hate to see you like this
You have fulfilled my life with eternal bliss
We’ll always take, this journey together
And I promise to love you, forever and ever!


  1. So very sad..thank God for hope!

  2. And hope is the best thing to hang on to!

  3. Hello, my name is Melissa Saunders; Mommy of Madison Saunders and the author or this poem. I stumbled upon it when I Googled my name (don't ask why I did it, lol) and amongst so many other vaccine/health related sites, I saw my name mentioned in this blog with the mention of my poem. I want to thank you for sharing it as it really speaks from the hearts of so many parents around the world.

    I too have worked very hard to bring Madison back to our world and she's doing AMAZING!! In one year, she went from being diagnosed with Severe-Moderate Autistic to fully high functioning and extremely intelligent. She no longer head bangs.bites herself, she no longer gags on smells/tastes/textures. She no long has meltdowns (just typical 3-4yr old tantrums when she doesn't get her own way lol) and most of all, she is healthier than ever and we are very proud of her.

    Thanks again, for sharing my poem and sharing *your* success story too.
    You have BEAUTIFUL children.

    God Bless
    Melissa <3

    PS, here is a before and after Autism montage of Madison. Feel free to share it as well! Thanks again.

  4. Oh Melissa that is such great news! I am so happy to hear how well Madison is doing. Thank you for sharing your poem with us. After I read it I had to share it with everyone! I look forward to watching her video.