Friday, January 1, 2010

Oh What A Week

So we have almost made it through the week on the SCD! It has been a tough week but well worth it. Haiden is doing much better and hasn't had any die off symptoms since Thursday. He was pretty sick the first few days but is starting to feel better. Ella is still having die off symptoms but they aren't as severe as they were in the beginning of the week. We are doing Epsom salt baths every other day to help with the detox.
I've been spending the majority of my time in the kitchen since I make everything from scratch. It is time consuming but I also enjoy knowing that my kids are eating so healthy and healing their guts! They are trying new foods too. I've been making butternut squash chips and almond butter brownies. Today I made almond butter caramel and fruit leather. I've been using unflavored gelatin as an egg replacer and it works great! I wish I would of taken pictures to post but I'll have to do that with the next batch. Here is the link to some yummy new SCD recipes that are allowed in the beginning of the diet,
I haven't noticed any major behavior changes in the kids yet. Ella's belly is about a third of the size it was. I weighed her yesterday and she still weighs 30lbs so her belly has just been bloated for so long...poor baby girl. Before the diet I could put Ella in a 2T shirt in the morning and by evening her belly was hanging out. She has been wearing 2T shirts the past 3 days and her belly isn't hanging out anymore!
As for me, I am feeling so much better! I'm back to my pre Ella weight and Brian has lost weight too, woo hoo! The diet isn't meant for weight loss but it has done wonders for us :).
Our little Mason man has been hitting some new milestones. He is babbling like crazy, trying to get up on all 4 legs, and sitting up by himself for short periods of time!
As we start 2010 I look back at how blessed I have been. Even though there have been bumps in the road I consider my life to be PERFECT! I am blessed with the most amazing husband and three wonderful children. My friends and family are amazing and even though I miss not getting to see everyone everyday they are always in my heart. I love my life and hope 2010 is as amazing as 2009! God Bless and Happy New Year!


  1. Congratulations! I want to do a cooking day with you sometime in the future!!

  2. Oh Karen I would love to do a cooking day! You would love the butternut squash and carrot chips I've been making!