Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Speech free and slight set back

Ella has been dismissed from speech!!!!! Here is her dismissal report: Ella McKinney received speech therapy services in her home since 8-26-09. Ella has met the outcome statement on the IFSP. "Family would like for her to be able to communicate so that she doesn't get frustrated and so that others can understand her." Ella is able to complete the verbal expression items for her age level (27-30) months on the "Rosetti Infant Toddler Language Scale". Ella is stimulable on the sound substitutions meaning that when given visual and oral cues she is able to correctly produce speech sounds. She has increased the number of words and length of utterances that she produces spontaneously (without a cue or prompt). I recommend that she be dismissed from speech and language services. Take that vaccines!!
On another note it seems that Haiden isn't doing as well at school as we had thought. I talked with his teacher on Friday and she is very concerned with Haiden and his energy level. She said that he seems very fatigued and just not as focused. Of course, this came as a surprise to me since he is doing so well at home and seems even more focused. So we decided to see how this week goes and take it from there. I talked to his DAN doctor and she thinks he may be getting sick. At first I thought she was crazy because he didn't have any signs of being sick. But guess who was up coughing and sneezing last night? Yep, Mr. Haiden. Yesterday I started him back on his multivitamin and this morning he drank some freshly squeezed orange juice to get some vitamin C in him. Hopefully this will help. Like I told his teacher, we are all dying for some carbs around here :).


  1. Way to go Ella!!

    and I feel Haiden on the fatigue...thats where my smoothies come in!!

    Hope the little guy feels better soon!